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Choosing the an Ideal Marina for Your Boat

When you have a boat, a yacht or a barge, you will need somewhere that you can moor. A marina is the best option for this. Choosing a marina is not as easy when you have no idea about the things that you should consider first.

Whether you live on your boat or you just want to moor, there are things to consider. The location, the facilities and the services offered are just some of these things.

The Location of the Marina

This is of uttermost importance especially when you use your boat often. You need a marina that you will not have to spend a lot of time getting there. What you need is an easy access to your boat, thus look for one that is near your residence.

Consider the Available Facilities

There are several basic facilities that you should look for in a marina. If a marina has the most basic facilities, then it will cater for your needs. Some of the things to consider are a sewage disposal, on-site chandlery services, supply of coal or gas, CCTV surveillance, electricity and water points. Security is of uttermost important to ensure that your boat is safe.

Procedures for Emergency Procedures

Before you can settle for a marina, you need to know their emergency response procedures. How do they handle emergencies, do they have fire hose reals, extinguishes and hydrants in case of fire? Do they hold fire drills from time to time?

Are there spill response kits? How are floods prevented? There is a lot that makes up an emergency response procedure. The areas of security to focus on are storm, fire, flood, fuel spill and medical emergency.

Consider the Mooring Space

In some marinas, you will have to request boat owners to move their boats so that you have access to yours. This is not interesting thus you need to enquire if you will have your own space. You need to access your boat in comfort thus getting your own mooring space would be great.

When you know how you want to access your boat, your safety and the boat’s, you will be able to get the best marina as per your requirements. As you get the quotation for the mooring fees, ensure that you enquire whether there are extra or hidden costs.

Is there a high usage criterion at the marina? If you are categorized like this, you will be paying extra money.

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